3 Runs for 2013

When I did my first 5K back in April, I swore that I wasn’t going to be one of those crazy running people. Maybe I would go for a 10K someday, but never a marathon. And never ever one of those insane mud runs.

So I surprised myself yesterday when I found myself signing up for the Gladiator 6K Rock N Run Obstacle Course in June. Maybe it was the brand new pair of running shoes I bought the day before. Maybe it was hearing my sister-in-law’s tale of her 10K adventure race over the holidays. Maybe it was that bump on my head I got getting out of the car on the way to the airport. Who knows. But I’m signed up for it, so I’d better get myself ready.

Me at the Mermaid Run. Photo courtesy my friend Mary.
Me at the Mermaid Run. Photo courtesy my friend Mary.

The Rock N Run is a good primer for the other big event I want to do in 2013: The Mermaid Triathalon in October. Two of my friends did it last year and it seemed like they had a blast, so I knew I wanted to get myself fit enough to attempt it. I tried out a Mermaid event with them doing the Mermaid 5K in November and the atmosphere was amazing. One of my running mates had a bad ankle and the other wasn’t a runner, so we aimed for fun, rather than time. And then had a great day in the city afterwards. While I’m not sure I’m ready for the tri yet, they offer a duathalon (just the biking and running) too, so that’s what I’m shooting for. The ocean swim part of the tri is just really scary to me, especially since I’m not that strong a swimmer (and I have a serious fear of drowning).

So that’s June and October set, but they’re both a long ways away. Well, The Color Run is coming to San Francisco in early March, and it’s been one I’ve been wanting to to for the past year, so I’ll definitely be signing up for that (if some extra mad money comes my way soon).

So… from “I won’t do anything more than a 10K” to an obstacle course and a duathalon in one year. I think I’m starting to understand the addictive qualities of running.