Crystal Coleman is a Silicon Valley writer, social media specialist, community manager, photography and design dabbler, theatre participant, pretty good wife, and awesome auntie.

Fun Picture of MeThis is honestly my least favorite type of page to write. Give me a topic, be it current events, books, tv, positivity… I can write the heck out of that. Ask me to write about myself? The page stays blank. You know what helps? Bullet lists.

  • My name is Crystal Coleman. It used to be Crystal Simpson, but then I found this British guy and imported him via marriage.
  • A Connecticut Yankee, I moved to Florida when I was six, so I consider myself a Floridian and Southerner. I say “y’all,” but I still pronounce “aunt” as “ahh-nt” (not “ant”) and can’t stand grits.
  • I learned to swim in second grade so that I could be a mermaid. Like Ariel.
  • I function in binary. Example: if you ask me for advice, I’ll either never get around to it or send you a five page manifesto with links and spreadsheets within 24 hours. There is no in between.
  • People say that watching TV all the time won’t get you anywhere, but my TV obsessions got me a husband (indirectly) and a job with Wetpaint in 2006 that became a new career – check out my Resume for the full story.
  • My patronus is a manatee.

Other Places You Can Find Me

  • Check out all those fancy links on the sidebar. I ramble more and share other people’s stuff at Twitter and Facebook. I’ve got my resume and professional info at LinkedIn and my Social Media Portfolio at tumblr. I take pictures and make graphics over at my Flickr and sometimes Instagram. I share the things I find around the web at Pinterest.
  • Sometimes I make things. When I sell them, it’s on Etsy.
  • I write a weekly column on Positivity, recaps of Bones and other articles as they suit my fancy for Persephone Magazine.

ThatGirlCrystals That Are Not Me

  • Sometimes, people have gotten to my preferred username before I had the chance to. There’s a ThatGirlCrystal on tumblr and one on instagram, but neither are me.