[CMX Hub] How to Negotiate Your Next Community Job Offer

I recently had the pleasure of contributing a piece on community manager negotiation to CMX Hub.

Negotiation certainly wasn’t something I learned when I started out as a community manager in 2006. Back then, I was just excited to get paid to talk about the TV show LOST in an online forum for 10 or 15 hours per week. However, as Community Management shifted from a fun side-gig to the career I pursued, I knew I had to get more serious about my work and my value. I had to learn to negotiate.

I have learned a lot since 2006 as my career has progressed. Today, I’ve distilled my advice into 6 clear steps to take when looking at taking on a new community role and how to approach each one. I’ve also asked a few colleagues to share some tips they’ve picked up along the way about how to properly negotiate your next job offer.

To find out the six steps, read more on CMX Hub or The Next Web.