How the time flies…

You know when you move to a new place and there are so many new things to do that you just have so much going on? And after a few months you get bored of it all and sit at home re-watching 30 Rock on Netflix?

I really hope I don’t get to that second part.

So far, the Bay Area has given us an abundance of fun things to see and do. So much so that I need to remember to make finding a job a priority otherwise I’ll just drive around and do cool things all day. (On that note, if you know someone who’s hiring in social media, I’ve got a fancy new resume right here on this site that you can direct them to.)

I meant to write this post up a week or so ago as a Week in Review. Well, now it’ll be a Week (and then some) to share all the neat stuff I’ve gotten to do recently. Partly as a way to keep friends and family updated and partly as a way to remember it all for myself.

The post above has been in drafts since October. Titled “A Week (and then some) in Review.” Clearly, it’s expanded far beyond a week. So at some point, I’ll update with a list of just the cool things I’ve been doing since we moved over here. It’s been a little bit of good, a little bit of bad, and spoiler alert: I did get to the re-watching 30 Rock point.

So look for that list of fun things I’ve done soon, but in the meantime, check out that resume page linked above. And tell me if I sound like a fun, smart, in demand person or not.