Job Hunting Report: Shutterfly Recruiting Open House

Shutterfly held a recruiting open house for its family of brands in the Bay Area on February 20th. Including their emerging brands (Tiny Prints, Wedding Paper Divas, and Treat), they’re expanding in almost all areas and over 300 job seekers showed up hoping to join the brand.

Despite an intimidating line (that spanned around the hotel it was held at) when I arrived at 4:50, the Shutterfly staff had their system down and the line moved quickly. Once inside, we were given color-coded name tags matching the category of jobs were were looking for, and handed over a copy of our resume to the staff handling check-in. Inside the ballroom, divisions were stationed across the back wall and lines were already piling up for them. A table in the center had copies of the job descriptions for positions that were open in each field. Refreshments and snacks (with especially yummy kettle style chips and a salsa), provided by the onsite Faz restaurant kept the crowds happy.

I lucked out and met most of the people I (as a social media marketing prospect) wanted to talk to while I was scoping out the room. Anna and Scott, with the SEO team at Tiny Prints, helped me understand a position whose title had scared me off (and which I applied for the next day), and introduced me to Alison, one of the Tiny Prints marketing specialists. Feeling happy with what I accomplished already, I got in the marketing crowd and was able to meet the general manager of Tiny Prints, as well.

Shutterfly definite wasn’t expecting such a turnout and in a follow-up email they said that “So many amazingly talented & creative people came to see what Shutterfly is about and we are flattered and humbled!” The event went off very well, considering… the only suggestion I would make for the future is to make the lines a little clearer. No one was really sure where one line ended and another began and that led to the lines being more semi-organized clumps than lines. Party because Marketing and Creative (the largest turnouts) were both in the same area. Spreading them out to different sides of the room would help, too.

The main thought that kept running through my mind was how great a visual representation this event was of the job search in general. Imagine those 300+ people as 300+ sheets of paper that you’re in a stack with. How do you stand out? Though the event was packed, I’d like to think that at least getting our faces in front of the staff and recruiters in the Shutterfly family helped somewhat. And I’d encourage other job seekers to attend events of this kind whenever they can…. just getting out there and talking to people, pitching yourself, helps your interview skills so much.