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One down… 29 to go.

I’ve had a rough relationship with running. I never really liked running the mile in elementary school, but had a love for volleyball that continued into high school. I got on the freshman team, but really struggled doing running warmups. I soon found out that I had exercise induces asthma, explaining why I shied away from running so much. I used it as an excuse not to be active, but year after year, I noticed that I couldn’t even dash up a flight of stairs without getting winded. Something had to change.

Armed with a rescue inhaler and some breathing techniques, I tried to get better at it, working myself up slowly from walking. A couple months ago, I decided I was finally up to the point where I felt like I could give myself a target: completing a 5K. I found one for the Girls on the Run organization on a weekend I could do it, and signed up. This weekend, I crossed that finish line and got to cross an item off my 30 Things Before 31 List. Here are some pics:

Warming Up Pre-Race
Waving to my personal paparazzi (my husband and friends)
Crossing the finish line
Crossing the finish line
Not as exhausted as I thought I'd be

I definitely had fun and I’ve set my new target at beating my time and getting fit enough to run the entire 5K. But for now, one goal: complete!

9. Finish a 5K