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Link with Love –

US Copyright Office –

Fair Use Resources:

Creative Commons –
Electronic Frontier Foundation –
EFF Legal Guide for Bloggers
Stanford Libraries –
Center for Social Media – Best Practices for Fair Use in Online Video

Misc. Resources

Image Sourcing – img-src bookmarklet –
Image Sourcing – TinEye –
Know Your Meme – Grumpy Cat
Know Your Meme – Hitler Reacts
Hitler Reacts to Hitler parodies being removed from YouTube (WARNING: NSFW subtitles)

Articles of Interest

We Try It: Getting Sued – The editors of Persephone Magazine wrote about the copyright lawsuit against us.

Tense Thanksgiving for George Takei and Facebook – Wired Business writes about Takei’s disapproval of Facebook algorithm changes.

Commencement Speech (Not Bill Gates) – Snopes article on the Things Kids Won’t Learn in School piece that’s commonly attributed to Bill Gates.

YouTube Denies Takedown of NASCAR crash – VentureBeat

Twitter Attribution Troll – Strange case of a Twitter bot and a one line poem. An interesting read for how NOT to react when someone uses your content.

Memes – A Lawyer’s Perspective – Great article from a UK lawyer on the possible legal ramifications of using memes in your brand’s publicity.

Tracking and Protecting Your Images Online – Advice for photographers and content creators. Stipple is a great new service mentioned in here.


Thanks to Albert Qian for writing about my presentation on his blog!

How Attribution Helps Build Community – I wrote this for Ning’s Cultivating Community blog based on this presentation.