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Crystal Coleman excels in writing with a personal style on various topics. She has experience writing informative, research based articles, as well as reviews, opinion, and perspectives based pieces. You may also view the entire Writing category, which includes exclusive writing and links to writing elsewhere.

Social Media Topics

Lessons from the Cooks Source Controversy (Visual Alliance Media, November 2010)
Avoiding Social Media Meltdowns (Visual Alliance Media, November 2010)
Use Social Media to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions (Visual Alliance Media, December 2010)
Turning Slacktivism into Activism with Social Media (Visual Alliance Media, February 2011)
Law Enforcement Embraces Social Media (Visual Alliance Media, March 2011)
Inner Peace in the Internet World (That Girl Crystal, March 2011)
Facebook Launches Page Tagging in Photos (Visual Alliance Media, May 2011)
Drudge Report is a bigger news source than Facebook and Twitter combined (Visual Alliance Media, May 2011)
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Sourcing, Content Attribution, and LINK with Love (That Girl Crystal, March 2012)
Vine – What the Heck Is It? (Persephone Magazine, February 2013)
How Attribution Helps Build Community (Ning Cultivating Community, April 2013)
Social Media Responds to Tragedy with Tact (Ning Cultivating Community, April 2013)
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How-To, Reviews, and Lifestyle

Easy Sunday Brunch (Persephone Magazine, February 2011)
Tina Fey is a Bossypants (Persephone Magazine, April 2011)
We Try It: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Persephone Magazine, June 2011)
Book Review: Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) (Persephone Magazine, November 2011)
We Try It: GaiamTV (Persephone Magazine, December 2011)
Stress-Free Holiday Air Travel (Persephone Magazine, December 2011)
DIY Gallery Photo Arrangement (Persephone Magazine, March 2012)
2012 Positivity Challenge Series (Persephone Magazine, Started January 2012)

News, OpEd, and Investigative

Ethical Consumerism: Reconciling Politics and Shopping (Persephone Magazine, February 2011)
The Sad Story of Ruby McCollum (Persephone Magazine, February 2011)
Judging Grief (Persephone Magazine, October 2011)
Examining the Effect of KONY 2012 (Persephone Magazine, March 2012)
Coverage of the SpaceX Falcon9/Dragon Launch NASASocial (Persephone Magazine, May 2012)
Interview with Sarah Kay (Persephone Magazine, August 2012)

Pop Culture

Bones Recap Series (Persephone Magazine, Started February 2011)
The Dangers of Mystical Pregnancy as Entertainment (Persephone Magazine, June 2011)
7 Reasons the Disney/Lucasfilm Deal Won’t Ruin Star Wars (Persephone Magazine, November 2012)