Post-script: The Producers

So, Amy, you know how you said that you looked forward to hearing about my next theatre gig in real time? Yeah, well, I totally failed at that.

This weekend, we closed “The Producers” at the local community theatre that I’m active in. I was in the ensemble and had a bunch of fun being a First Nighter, a Little Old Lady and a scantily-clad Valkyrie. It was fun, and I met a lot of great people (and got to know some existing people better), but I’m very glad it’s done now. I don’t know if it was all the downtime backstage, starting a full time job during the run or the fact that we didn’t even start “Springtime for Hitler” until 10pm (from an 8pm start time), but this show absolutely exhausted me. I’m still recovering (and probably will be until next week when I spend three days at the beach). I would have liked to blog about the process, but, see above re: exhaustion. One nice thing was that the theatre finally got wifi hooked up, so I was able to get some work done while I was there.

Oh, hey, that full-time job thing! Yeah, after interviewing and being offered a job with another department, the department that I was temping in didn’t want to lose me and quickly got together a full-time position for me. I’m still not on benefits, but hopefully should be later in the year (once they get some repositioning of jobs done). We’re still catching up financially and paying off some debts, but it’s been really nice to get to breathe a little easier again. We even treated ourselves to a Water Park Day on the day before my birthday. We were invited by a group of friends and rented a cabana and it was an absolutely fantastic day (even if I came back a little sunburnt).

I also got a job with a social media firm as an Account Manager. I’ve been account-less for the past month (which has been partially by choice), but should be starting on another one soon. I’m also applying for a Board position at the theatre to get a title for all the social media work I’ve been doing for them for the past year or so.

So, that’s all the good things. Being busy is good. Not getting to spend enough time with my husband and puppy, not so much. Being at work all day and getting bagels for breakfast and fast food for lunch, definitely not so good. My apartment complex has started a Crossfit Boot Camp type thing, bringing a trainer in, and while I missed the first class due to a show, I’m going to try and start going to get myself back into shape.

Also, in connection with my Epic Life Story (in progress), I’ve found out more details that pertain to my grandmother’s death. When I get all the information, I’ll continue the story.

That’s where I am now. Vowing, yet again, to be better about blogging and to get myself into shape. We’ll see how it goes this time.