Quoted in “9 Ways to Change What People Are Saying About You Online”

As Community Managers, we have bad days when customers are upset. I find that the best way to pick myself up on those bad days are by making it right when I can – and reminding myself of those past wins when I can’t.

Recently, my friend Shannon Byrne worked on a piece for Socialmouths.com on ways to change what people are saying about you online and I was happy to share a couple of my earlier wins for the piece.

3. Go the extra mile in responding to upset customers

Our friend Crystal saw the below Facebook post from a customer who was upset with a large product change — a whole new version release. Since it was a private company mention (a tag) and not a post on their page, she couldn’t respond. Instead, she tracked the customer down in their support app and reached out via email to save the day.

See the screenshots and check out 8 other amazing examples of great online day-saving at Socialmouths.com.