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Acting Like a Person With a Life

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Contrary to what it might seem, I’m a pretty introverted person. Get me with a group of people that I’m super-comfortable with or my family and, sure, I’ll take the spotlight, but I’m not a talker with a group of new people. Get me on stage and I’ll ham it up, but I’ll take a back seat in most other situations. And give me the choice between being social and staying at home in my PJs, and I’ll always choose the one that involves cuddling on my couch with a blanket. Because of this, I tend to put off social engagements unless a) I really want to or b) I really have to. And this tendency to put them off usually means that I get weeks like my last week, where every night on the calendar is booked (or double booked). Usually, I end the week in a fetal position on my couch cuddling my puppy from over-stimulation, but this week, I actually did okay. I think a large part of that was that I made sure to include plenty of time to recharge and my form of recharging this weekend was training for my 5K next weekend.

After a Tuesday evening of work, I was ridiculously excited to see Nick Offerman on Wednesday night on campus (as you may have been able to tell from last week’s Wednesday Wonderful). He didn’t disappoint and the event was amazing. I did a run down for it for Persephone Magazine, so check that out for more details. Thursday and Friday nights were for dinner dates with good friends and Saturday afternoon we had a baby shower to attend. For Saturday night, a friend had invited me to Gainesville Fashion Week, where I met a Ted Mosby doppelganger (who just happened to be an architect). I also saw some great fashion, including stunning collections from AJNEL designs and Jacquelyn Brooks.

On the left, a mirror self portrait of me, all made up and with hair done. On the right, a picture of me sweaty, wearing sunglasses, standing in front of a prarie and a blue sky.

Two pictures from the weekend of contrasts: Left, Saturday night, dolled up for the fashion show. Right, Sunday morning, enjoying a run on the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail

So that was the social recap. What really had my weekend feeling great was my training progress, though. Having not made it for a run in about a week, I knew that I needed to get running again… preferably getting myself on the roads, since the 5K I’m running in will be outside. I tend to have my asthma exacerbated when I’m running, especially outside, and especially when it’s colder. It’s one thing that’s kept me from being really active and the one thing I’m trying to work through and keep under control. I took the day off work on Friday (which also helped a lot in the recharging area) and mapped out a three mile route, took my water bottle, strapped on my iPhone, and listened to the cheers from my friends liking my run on Facebook (through the Nike + GPS app). I pushed it a half mile extra and kept a steady pace of about 15:30/mile which is exactly what I’m shooting for this Saturday. My legs hurt on Saturday, but I knew I could do it. Feeling better Sunday, I decided to drive out to the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail and enjoy the gorgeous weather we’ve been having. I ran an awesome five and a quarter miles, but my overall pace lagged a little because of stops to enjoy the view (I mean, look at that picture up there… wouldn’t you?).

I’m feeling great today… I felt it in my legs a little earlier today, but it seems to have worked itself out by now. I planned all our meals for this week, giving myself days of “leftovers” or my husband cooking to allow me to spend some extra time running, as well as fill my week with lean, healthy meats. Last night was a good old Sunday roast and tonight is Salmon with Garlic Parmesan Edamame (via Pinterest) and rice. Later this week, we’re having Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala and a yet-to-be decided tilapia dish (suggestions welcome!).

I’m going to rock this 5K on Saturday!

Wednesday Wonderful 04.11.12

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This week on the Wednesday Wonderful… macro flowers, Nick Offerman, Hillary Clinton, and BellaBeads Jewelry.


Sharon Johnstone’s Macro Flowers

Macro flowers from Sharon Johnstone

These stunning macro photos from Sharon Johnstone astound me in their beauty. I’m THISCLOSE to buying a print or two.

(via GaiamTV Facebook, via ThisIsColossal)

Ron Freaking Swanson

Nick Offerman, who plays the fantastic Ron Swanson on my favorite show at the moment Parks and Recreation is speaking tonight where I live. There are not enough words to explain how excited I am about this. Expect a full report.

Hillary Wins the Internets

Less than a week after its inception, the TextsFromHillary Meme has eclipsed all other memes in terms of awesomeness. And, sadly, ended its lifecycle after Mrs. Clinton herself submitted a text and the creators got to meet her. Hillary Clinton has long been one of my inspirations and idols, and is such a consistently amazing person that it comes as no surprise that she’s down with the memes.

Etsy Find of the Week: BellaBeads Originals

This gorgeous pink tourmaline pendanat on gemstone chain seems like the perfect necklace to wear with anything and everything. And the colors just combine so prettily. Love it. The Rainbow Tourmaline bracelet is also making me drool.