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Wednesday Wonderful 04.18.12

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This week on the Wednesday Wonderful… Norah Jones defies the sophomore slump, Space Shuttle Discovery heads to a new home, and I get wistful about my own home in my Etsy Find of the Week.

Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts

Norah Jones is releasing her second album with a new sound and I couldn’t be happier. NPR has the First Listen of the entire album, and her collaborations with DangerMouse make this perfect listening for almost any activity. I’ll definitely be picking this up when it’s released on May 1st.

Space Shuttle Discovery Arrives at the Smithsonian

Word (and picture) was all over the internet on Tuesday as the Space Shuttle Discovery was transported via 747 to the Smithsonian Institute, where it will remain on display. The space program has always fascinated me and I have to admit, it was bittersweet to watch the coverage and pictures of the shuttle making its way out of Florida for the last time. Knowing that NASA has exciting things up ahead keeps me from being too morose about it (but more on that next week). (Image via Air and Space Museum.)

Etsy Find of the Week: I heart Florida necklace from truche

I heart Florida Necklace from Truce on etsy

Even though I’m hoping to move away from Florida soon, it is and always will be my home. This necklace speaks to me, especially since the maker will customize it to have the heart in whatever location you want. (Image via truche on etsy)
That’s what I get for pre-planning my Wednesday Wonderful! The necklace sold yesterday. Keep an eye out for it to be relisted, though.