This Week in Links: February 15, 2013

Welcome to my new weekly feature: This Week in Links. Every week, I link to articles and products of interest on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and other places. While I feature some in my Wednesday Wonderful, I wanted a chance to provide a “catch-up” post: all the things I’ve been reading this week, compiled in one neat post. Seen a post that you think I need to see? Share it in the comments or shout at me on one of the social media platforms linked above.

Social Media

Mashable covers the latest social media survey finding that Pinterest is more used than Twitter in some demographics. A great example of how knowing where your audience lives online determines your strategy.

“… recommendations will not improve until Facebook finds a way to incentivize users to check in, like, and rate.” – The Verge reviews the advantages and faults of Facebook’s new Graph Search feature.

Jeet Banerjee examines ways to write blog posts that people actually want to read. I probably should take some of these tips, hmm?

Mike Schwede helpfully translated his Community Management Cheat Sheet into English. While Community Management is definitely a lot more nuanced than it can seem, this Cheat Sheet is still a great resource or refresher.

The always knowledgable Jeff Bullas breaks down 15 Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing. My favorite takeaway is in point 7: “It is hard to find the first reader that will start a conversation. Once you found a starting point it will get easier. You can help with being open, always respond and include some discussion points into your content: ask questions, mention controversial viewpoints.” Also worth a look: 20 Ideas for Content that Engages.

RazorSocial shares this list of 101 social media tools and tips. A great read for those looking for new ideas and tools.

Don’t write MomComm off as just a “mommy blog.” Her post 7 Mistakes Even Nice Looking Blogs Make is a must read of little sins that even great blogs can be guilty of. Expect some refreshes on my site inspired by this list soon.

BlueGlass’ Content Creation Toolbox is heaven-sent, y’all. Any content manager can use a little bit of help now and then… just like writer’s get blocked, so do content managers. This list is great for helping you kickstart your content creation when your creative juices are running dry.

Mashable examines a study that finds that a quick perusal of your own Facebook page can be an ego boost. Because most people tend to present their “best self” on social media, a quick glance at it can boost your confidence, self-esteem, and general mood. When I take a glance at my page, I definitely get a temporary boost of energy. Do you?

The Verge writes about Twitter’s new video service, Vine, and how its limitations make its journalistic uses nonviable for now. Looking at the parent company, they also have an interesting article about the growth of the hashtag outside of Twitter.

Business to Community discusses why Starbucks is so darn good at Social Media Marketing. As one of the early adopters of various platforms, they really have excelled at engaging their community through social media.

Fast Company talks Google Plus and why it hasn’t flopped. I think their authorship feature was a great step in the right direction. If you’re a blogger or a writer, you NEED to be on Google Plus now.

Business and Job Search

VentureBeat guest writer Sonya Brown gives her leadership tips for female tech executives. Even non-executives can learn from this advice.

PRDaily puts to rest the phrase “the press release is dead.” Totally agree. It’s not dead, just evolving and melting into the new world of inbound marketing.

As I work on my job search, stories like Tim McDonald’s explanation of how a Facebook post got him a job at HuffPo are at once inspiring and demoralizing. I don’t have the connections that Tim McDonald does… yet. But I’ll get there.

The Jane Dough asks “Are you really as busy as you think?” I’ll admit that sometimes, the answer is really “No.” One thing I’m making a major project next week is time management. I’m great at managing my time on a project, but for myself… my free time, not so much. I bet I could be a lot more productive if I looked at every day as a project. I’ll let you know how it goes. Also of note: their list of the 10 Best Companies for Women.

Exakt Marketing talks Creativity, Resumes, and Personal Branding. This is definitely something I’m working on, so it really resonated with me.

Fun and Miscellany

A drawing of a smartphone screen. a box on the screen reads

This week’s xkcd (right) read my mind. I hate it when I’m heading to a place, want to check out the website to double check the address or see if they offer parking advice, and get routed to a 3 page mobile version that never has the information I need. Or worse, get harassed, time after time, to download the app, which also probably doesn’t have the information I need. If I’m going to your website, nine times out of ten, I want your website. Not an app, not a limited mobile version… your website. Please, choose responsive web design over mobile themes and app. It’s so much easier on your part and mine.

AdWeek covers the story of Frank Jonen vs. SF Fitness. When, after repeated notices, his client refused to remit payment, Frank Jonen replaced SF Fitness’s website with a letter detailing the situation and warning other designers against falling for the same trap. SF Fitness tells a different story. Brilliant move or career ender?

The Verge gives a brief history of the reinventions of Photoshop and how effortlessly its built itself into the way of life of anyone working with digital imagery. Fascinating read.

One of my fellow Persephone Magazine writers talks about the internalized misogyny behind anti-Valentine’s Day rants. An interesting perspective.


This week’s Wednesday Wonderful covered the best new app and perfect sci-fi couples.

I tackled Persephone Magazine’s Best of Tumblr slot this week, featuring a lot more cool things, so go check it out, hmm?