Wednesday Wonderful 5.16.12

This week on the Wednesday Wonderful, I know a lot of talented people and live in a great hometown…

Women in Popular Fiction: Donna Noble (at Libraries and Lemonade)

Since the first episode we met her, Donna Noble landed herself on my list of favorite fictional characters ever. Anna of Libraries and Lemonade writes about this awesome lady:

It is her very averageness–her very average humanness–that makes Donna such an amazing character. She does nothing to make the Doctor take her on beyond challenging him (“Sometimes, I think you need someone to stop you”) and showing up with a boot full of luggage, begging for an adventure. He has no idea what he’s taking on, other than a stubborn woman with a fiery wit and a sarcastic sense of humor. She’s exactly what he needs, of course, but at that point it’s only by chance that what he thinks he needs is how Donna presents herself, and what he really needs is the real Donna. During her time with the Doctor, though, Donna is simultaneously average and the most important person in the universe.

Go read the whole piece. Then rewatch “Journey’s End” and try not to cry.

Gainesville, FL on Design*Sponge (via Citizen’s Co-Op)

My hometown is features in Design*Sponge this week, and some of my favorite places are featured along with it. Local designer Melanie Ling wrote up the great city guide, which includes some of my favorite places like 101 Downtown, Boca Fiesta, Sarkara Sweets, Hippodrome Theatre, Citizen’s Co-Op, Blue Gill, Fracture, Uppercrust, and Unicorn Hill Tree Farm. A few favorites that Melanie leaves out: Gainesville Community Playhouse, Acrosstown Repertory Theatre, Bistro 1245, Satchel’s, Blue Highway, and Ward’s. In other awesome Gainesville news, Amazon placed it in its Top Ten list of well-read cities. Go Gainesville!

Etsy Find of the Week: Angry Owl Studio

Angry Owl Studio is filled with gorgeous colors of marbled glass, but it’s the Tequila Sunrise pendant that really draws me in.