What I’m listening to (and you should be, too): Hamilton

I don’t think I’ve seen more people talking about (and listening to) an NPR First Listen since Adele’s 21 was streaming there pre-release as I have this week about the streaming of the Original Broadway Cast of HamiltonI expect it from my theatre friends (who have been gushing about this since before it was in previews), but my Kanye and Beyoncé loving friends and my intersectionality friends are digging this, too, which I love.

There are some great pieces about the revolutionary (pun semi-intended) aspects of Hamilton, including the variety of musical influences and the true color-blind casting, so I’ll let those people’s words stand instead of trying to say them in a worse way.

Hamilton inevitably reminds me of another musical about our Founding Fathers, 1776. Introduced to my generation in middle school, the musical stayed with us because it was an entertaining telling of history (and a touchstone in feminism – what girl didn’t think Abigail Adams was the shit for telling John what for?)  and because John Adams was Mr. Feeny.

What 1776 was to my middle school group is what Hamilton will be to future middle and high school groups: A relevant, entertaining teaching piece (with subtle feminist undertones). Is it a pipe dream to think that Lin-Manuel Miranda will follow in William Daniels’ footsteps and show up on Girl Meets World?

Listen to the soundtrack before it comes out September 25th while it’s on NPR First Listen: