White Paper: 5 Questions for Selecting an Online Community Platform by Randy Farmer [Ning]

Earlier this year, I was excited and privileged to work on a collaboration with Community Pioneer F. Randall Farmer to produce an exclusive white paper for Ning – “Five Questions for Selecting an Online Community Platform.” Randy was the brains behind the operation, but I provided the editing and layout/design side and this definitely felt like my baby for a few months.

Here’s the blurb from Ning and the download form – 

Five Questions for Selecting an Online Community Platform - Cover

Randy is co-host of the Social Media Clarity podcast, a prolific social media innovator, and literally co-wrote the book on Building Web Reputation Systems. We were very excited to bring him on board for this much needed project. While there are numerous books, blogs, and white papers out there to help Community Managers grow and manage their communities, there’s no true guide to how to pick the right kind of platform for your community.

In this white paper, Randy has developed five key questions that can help determine what platform suits your community best. This platform agnostic guide covers top level content permissions, contributor identity, community size, costs, and infrastructure. It truly is the first guide of its kind and we’re delighted to share it with you.

To download “Five Questions for Selecting an Online Community Platform,” simply fill out the form below and you’ll be taken to a download page. Be sure to come back here and let us know your thoughts and comments on Randy’s theories.

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